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Welcome to the 2020 Oratory Fair! For 22 years Public Speaking students have gathered to present their words to an audience of family, friends, and teachers to showcase all they have learned over the semester. But this year because of Covid-19 our presentation can not be shared in person. Since March 17 our learning switched to Zoom Rooms, and everyday these students continued their education in a new format. This transition showed us all the power we possess to, according to William Faulkner, “endure and prevail.” These students may not be able to shake your hands at the end of their speeches, but their words will touch your hearts.

-Sheri Goldstein

Click on a student’s name to view their video:

Albom, Tzvi

Alter, Bayli

Babajoni, Michelle

Bechhofer, Yaakov

Berdugo, Matanel

Carl, Hannah

Chinn, Moshe

Cohen, Meir

Cohen, Micah

Drutman, Tami

Fensterheim, Nathan

Goltz, Ray

Gordon, Jacob

Gorenstein, Ben

Greenberg, Joey (with Tova Kahan)

Gutstein, Jonah

Kahan, Tova  (with Joey Greenberg)

Kahnrose, Elan

Kalman, Gadi

Kreimer, Levi

Miller, Ben

Miller, Max

Moscovitch, Sammy

Mott, Liat

Neuman, Rachel

Paskoff, Zachary

Pinchot, Lior

Pogonitz, Josh

Robinson, Kiki

Rosenberg, Yaakov

Schwartz, Gilana

Shapiro, Kelly

Shapiro, Nathan

Shiner, Sarah

Singer, Jack

Spak, Shua

Wortman, Josef

Zelden, Sarah

Zeller, Chava



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