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6 Iyar 5780

April 30, 2020


Dear ICJA Family,

Today was a regular day! Students were in class, teachers were teaching, and students were learning, and tonight at 8 pm, the wrestling team is about to have their awards event! For those who want to join in – here is the link

A couple of years ago, I started to meet with all of the students in small groups, trying to get together with everyone at least every other month. These meetings have been an opportunity for me to share some information, and then to take questions from the floor and often to resolve issues the students may have. Often suggestions from these meetings have led to school change, and I treasure the opportunities to get together with students in this format. Today I met with the 10th-grade girls, and it was a successful gathering. The girls raised several concerns, and I will be following up with teachers to resolve them.

Yesterday, after my update was sent, I receive a note from Dov Katz, the person who has run two online gameshows for our school – the most recent, yesterday’s “Israel Family Feud.” Here is what he had to say:
“…. sitting here and reviewing the day with my daughter, we both commented about how nice the kids from Ida Crown have been. We have dealt with kids from all around the country, and they really stick out as being really nice, knowledgeable, and all-around wonderful people. Also, they have incredible school spirit, which is something that is sorely lacking in many other institutions. Additionally, the amount of staff that participates is really something to be very proud of. Great job!”


Tomorrow, the senior girls will begin their Taharat HaMishpacha Seminar with Mrs. Kraft during 4th period.


The schedule for tomorrow, Erev Shabbat Parshat Achrei Mot/Kedoshim is as follows:

Period 2: 9:30 – 10:10 a.m.

Period 3: 10:15 – 10:55 am..

Period 4: 11:00 – 11:40 am..


Period 10: 1:00 -1:40 p.m.

Period 11: 1:45 – 2:25 p.m.

Period 12: 2:30 – 3:10 p.m.

Candle Lighting: 7:30 p.m.


Finally, just a reminder that the Student Survey is now open, and we hope that all of our students will take a few minutes to complete the survey (it will be closing on Monday). The Student Survey is anonymous, but the information we will gather will be very helpful. Students, please take a few minutes to complete this survey! Here is the link.


Stay Safe, Stay Inspired, and Inspire Others!


B’virkat HaTorah,



Rabbi Leonard A. Matanky, Ph.D.

Dean, Ida Crown Jewish Academy 

8233 Central Park • Skokie, IL 60076

773/973-1450 • FAX 773/973-6131




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