One of the hallmarks of Jewish behavior is modesty of dress. Part of being an Academy student is an understanding that, as Jews, we need not adopt the fashions and lifestyles of the world at large—no matter how popular they may be. Our pride and positive self-image are reflected in how we dress.

The following dress regulations are in effect for the entire student body whenever entering the building during regular school hours, finals week, vacations, summer school, to watch extra-curricular activities, after-school classes, or committee meetings. In addition, at ICJA extra curricular events which take place outside of the building students (e.g. sporting events, events, etc.) are expected to be in ICJA “relaxed” dress code. Students who do not adhere to dress code will need to correct the problem for the first two offenses. On the third offense, students will be sent home with a one-day suspension.

Teachers, Parents and Visitors to ICJA

In order to maintain the proper academic tone in our school, we ask that all non-students (teachers, parents, visitors, etc.) entering our building conform to a modest mode of dress in keeping with our school standards.