Physical Education Requirement:

In an effort to make our Physical Education requirement more purposeful and practical, students will be required to participate in an  activity through our interscholastic sports program or outside of school, in an activity of their choice. By signing up for an interscholastic sport offered by the school you can fulfill your PE for the year and receive a “pass” under the following conditions:

  • You must be an active participant in at least one sport offered by the school.
  • If you sign up for a spring sport only you must have played that sport in previous years at ICJA in order to receive the credit without having to do anything else.
  • If you have never participated in a spring sport before then you will have to do some sort of physical activity in the fall and have a parent sign off to receive PE credit.

If however, you are not participating in a sport offered by the school we are asking you to choose an activity. At the end of each semester you will present a typed/emailed statement from a parent to Mrs. Antoinette Burson, the registrar, in order to receive PE credit.We are asking for 40 minutes of an activity 1x per week. If you are interested in fulfilling PE by working out on a regular basis during a free period in the ICJA workout room, see Mr. Harris. (Currently not applicable for 20-21 school year)