ACT: (

The Test Center Code: 173641.

All students at the Academy should take the ACT, a battery of tests including four 35-50 minute tests in English usage, mathematics, reading, natural science and an optional writing test. Results are reported on a scale of 1-36 with a composite or average of the four sub-tests and a score from 2-12 on the Writing sub-test. The ACT is administered by the American College Testing Program in Iowa City, Iowa. This battery of tests is now used in the Prairie State testing program in public high schools in Illinois. In addition, the test results are used by most colleges and universities in admissions. Scores can be reported to college and scholarship services at the time students register for the ACT or online after the test is taken. If the latter option is used there is an additional charge for each score report. Students may take this examination as many times as they choose and report only their highest scores to colleges.


SAT: (

The Test Center Code:14170

Students may elect to use the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) rather than the ACT for college admissions. The PSAT scores should be used as a guide in this decision. In addition, a few selective colleges seem to prefer the SAT. This three-hour examination is designed to assess critical thinking skills in both verbal and quantitative areas.  The SAT is administered by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey. Each sub-test is scored from 200 to 800, with a maximum score of 1600. Scores may be reported to colleges using the same procedures used by the ACT. Students may now use score choice to send only the scores they select.

SAT Subject Tests: (

These one-hour examinations are administered in a variety of subject areas with the possibility that students may take from one to three tests on any scheduled test date. Scores between 200 and 800 are reported for each test. Some private colleges and universities use these test scores in admissions. Although the SAT I and SAT II are offered on the same date, they may not be taken together.