1. Scholarships via Joint Israel Programs/FAFSA

    Yeshiva University, Touro University and Hebrew Theological College all have Joint Israel Programs. As such students are able to use their year in Israel as a freshman year at any of these institutions and are eligible for the same financial aid (grants and/or loans) from the State and Federal government as any other university student.

    To apply for a Joint Program and for the aid option, students must

    1. Apply and be accepted to a recognized program in Israel (Each college has their own list of recognized Israel programs).
    2. Apply and be accepted to the college with a joint program.
    3. Apply to the joint program
    4. Concurrently, parents must file the necessary FAFSA documents (these document normally require a tax return to have also been filed)

    In addition, students enrolled in these joint programs will receive college credit that will can be used at the university (and if a student chooses to attend a different university, may be used for credit). Please visit the university websites to obtain more details about these programs, including costs and any other requirements.

  2. Scholarships specifically for Israel study

    A number of instutions and organizations offer scholarships for a year study in Israel. The ICJA website maintains an up-to-date list of these opportunities. At present, the following are the scholarships to consider:

    Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, High School Financial Need-Based – CCIP High School Scholarship Program & application. Deadline: March 1st.
    ATT Scholarships, Deadline: January 15.
    Adina Weiner Memorial Foundation, Deadline: May 30.
    Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship, Deadline: February 12th.
    Joseph Masliansky Memorial Scholarship of ICJA, Deadline: February 28th.
    Chicago Rabbinical Council: the Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwawrtz, shlita, Torah Essay Contest, Deadline: April 30.
    NCSY – contact your advisor
    Torah LeTzion *website is currently down* — Deadline February 27
    Jeff Seidel Airfare Scholarship

  3. MASA

    The Jewish Agency offers all students attending Zionist programs in Israel at least a $1,000 scholarship for the year study. (Additional amounts are available on a need-basis.) This scholarship can be applied for once a student is accepted to a program in Israel.

  4. Program based Scholarships

    Some Israel programs offered their own scholarships – please check with the school you are applying to for more information.

    For more information, contact your Israel program guidance counselor.