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We were excited to hear an update from Hannah Dimbert (’12), who finishes her second year in the IDF this spring, where she is part of an all female combat hummer unit. She hopes to sign on for another year in the IDF driving border patrol, hopefully in the Gush so that she can also enroll as a student at Migdal Oz for a shana bet of learning during her off days. We are so proud of Hannah’s commitment to Torah and Israel!

Hannah’s unit was featured in an article on The Tower Magazine, saying, the unit is “one of the most unique units in the IDF”:

Founded in 1998, it is an armored unit made up entirely of women. Crisscrossing the desert in Humvees or “Hummers” only they are permitted to operate, these young female soldiers play what the Israeli website Mako once called “one of the most demanding roles in the IDF.” It is they who are in charge of training Israel’s most elite combat units for the hardships of war, and in doing so they have gained the respect and admiration of some of Israel’s most prestigious soldiers and commanders.

You can also read about them in the Algemeiner.

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