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General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Simple Laboratories

I worked with many other people to ensure that we had access to tests, and the ability to process them, and helped to make sure that we were compliant, while keeping in mind the importance of access to testing for all Chicagoans. I worked with lab equipment suppliers to get us COVID testing machines early in the pandemic and also secured testing for nursing home residents and employees. Our lab was able to offer walk-in testing very early on in the COVID pandemic, while maintaining the safety of our employees and those we serve. I am very proud to have been part of this process. I don’t think we can ever really say that we have accomplished everything we hope to. We all continue to grow, change, and reevaluate our goals every day. I am very proud of all that I have helped to accomplish so far, both personally and professionally, and am excited for what I will continue to accomplish. Rabbi Matanky first became principal while I was at ICJA, and I will always remember that he taught us to never settle and that we could achieve whatever we set our sights on. I still hold that lesson today, which helped me on my career path.

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