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Four Years of Torah Learning

April 14, 2015

When Jason Greenspan entered the Academy as a freshman, he had little experience learning Talmud and had never learned “inside”...

Bringing Technology to Tanach

December 18, 2014

ICJA welcomed several new teachers this year. Among them is Olivia Friedman, who brings today’s technology to enhance ancient texts....

On Living in the Land

July 21, 2014

Rebecca Nathan Kowalsky, Class of ’77 Life is a gift. Every breath we take. The simplest movement, the blade of...

We’ll Miss You, Rabbi Kroll!

June 20, 2014

Rabbi Kroll has been one of the best teachers I have ever had and one of the most charismatic. Sometimes...

An Israeli’s Reflections of the Academy and Returning Home

June 13, 2014

Recently Mrs. Tzippi Rimel’s sister sent her a video clip from Mrs. Rimel’s first grade siddur play in Israel. At...

A Lot Can Happen in 15 Years

February 28, 2014

For most of our alumni, a lot can happen in the years since graduating high school. For Rachel (Hurwith) Zimmerman...

Jewish Growth at ICJA

February 14, 2014

By Avital Horowitz, junior My decision to come to Ida Crown Jewish Academy was an easy choice because I knew...

Learning the wisdom to ask

January 15, 2014

 I remember that on the first day of my ninth grade Chumash class, my teacher asked us to tell her...

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