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Senior year has arrived. The applications, the tests, and oh, did I mention you are still taking a full schedule of classes? Senior year comes along with unique challenges as students have to think about life beyond Ida Crown. Most seniors are planning for post-high school, and each student approaches the process in a different way. I sat down with some peers to discuss how they were dealing with the process.

Raina Kutliroff met with me over a harried lunch and shared with me what it’s like to apply to fine arts programs. Many of the schools she is applying to require a portfolio that feature her art, but while Raina’s focus on photography is unique, she is as committed to the Common App. “Common App really helps me keep my application process organized. I find Common App especially useful while I’m applying to art school because there is even a section with links and instructions on how to submit my artistic portfolio.” Raina looks forward to focusing on her art and hopes to study photography and graphic design.

Ariella Zwelling and Ayelet Chavel both agreed that they can’t wait to get to college so they can take classes relevant to their career goals. Ariella shared, “What I’m most excited for about college is being able to gear my classes toward what I actually want to do in life.” Ariella wants to go into marketing and business, and Ayelet wants to study pre-law.

Eli Usprich, a recent Ida Crown transfer, also shared that it is hard to sit down and make decisions about the next steps in life. He says he is grateful for being able to attend Ida Crown during this whole process. “I would say starting is the hardest part… just making the decision to sit down and plan the next big step in your life really is a difficult thing to do.” Eli looks forward to studying law or psychology.

Doni Bromberg, is a productive and dedicated student when it comes to college and applications: “Don’t apply to less than 10 schools,” he advises. “And you should be finished with your essays by Sukkot.”

Juniors, this is a time for you to focus on your academics and not let the frenzy of the seniors disturb you. The most important thing for you to do is to just focus on your grades. Even if you begin your college search now, know that your preferences and priorities will likely change by next fall.

No matter what your coping mechanism is for dealing with the stress of college applications, I wish my fellow seniors luck. But for now—pull up a chair, make yourself a hot drink, and write those essays!

By Avital Raff is a senior staff writer on The Crown Prints newspaper. This article was originally written for The Crown Prints.

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