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jason-4yrs-torahWhen Jason Greenspan entered the Academy as a freshman, he had little experience learning Talmud and had never learned “inside” a Gemara. But once he gained skills and a love of learning in Rabbi Gross’s freshman year shiur, he never stopped learning. “Rabbi Gross gave us a basic introduction to Gemara and made everything reachable.”

By senior year, Jason was in the highest Gemara shiur, learning during his free periods in chavrutot and studying in the evenings with YU Torah Mitzion Kollel fellows. “My teachers really tried to make me think about concepts in Gemara and see how it applies to other aspects of life.”

His dedication to learning earned him the esteemed Jason Lerner Memorial Yehudi HaTov Award at the Academy Torah Awards program. The award is given to one student, who is selected by peers for dedication to Torah, middot and chesed.

Following high school, Jason headed to study in Israel and chose to attend Yeshiva University, where he could continue high level Torah learning, combined with an outstanding general studies education.

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