Members of the Society of Patrons serve as the foundation of our fundraising efforts. Participation as a member of the Society of Patrons enables ICJA to continue to provide direct scholarship assistance to families who cannot afford full tuition fulfilling our mission that no Jewish child should be denied the opportunity to receive a Jewish education. This year over 65 percent of our students are receiving assistance. Please email, director of development, at 773.973.1450 for more information.

We are so grateful to those Academy supporters who have joined our 2018 Society of Patrons, still in formation.

GUARDIAN  $25,000+
Susan and Joseph Ament Fund
Anonymous (2)
Joan and Shael Bellows
The Crown Family
Barbara and George Hanus
Gale and Eric Rothner
Leslie and Tom Silverstein
ANGEL $18,000-$24,999
Harry and Sadie Lasky Foundation
Bernice and Dr. Oscar Novick
Rosenfield Family Foundation
BENEFACTOR $10,000-$17,999
Abbey Road Tax Consultants
Advantage Purchasing Group
Shira and David Berkowitz
Evergreen Insurance
Hochberg and Lowenstein Families
Ann Dee and Edward Holland
Margaret and Rabbi Leonard Matanky
United Rx
PILLAR $7,200-$9,999
Jane and Eddie Best
Vivian and Nathan Bloch
Sharon and Seymour Gertz
Miki and Shmuel Schreiber
Sue and David Strulowitz
SPONSOR $5,000-$7,199
Suzanne and William Auerbach
Yarona and Shlomoh Ben-David
Gila Bronner
Roberta and Dr. Scott Fretzin
Gina and Joseph Gottesman
Janet and Maynard Grossman
Chaya Tova and David Hartman
Debbie and Robert Hartman
Drs. Amy and Guy Kaissar
Judy and Norm Litz
Milts Barbeque for the Perplexed
Phyllis and Stuart Muller
Sonia and Sheldon Nahmod
Helen and Dr. Marc Rubenstein
Marianne Novak and Dr. Noam Stadlan
Rifka and Daniel Weiss
Chellie and Yankee Wilensky
ADVOCATE $3,600-$4,999
Ora and Maurice Aaron
Deena and Mark Brawerman
Drs. Sherri and Jeffery Bressman
Talia and Isaac Dayan
Debra and Dr. David Dobkin
Barbara and Dr. Steve Geller
Julie and Steve Grant
Aviva and James E. Matanky
Rochie and David Porush
Cindy and Alon Redlich
Yael and Kenny Ripstein
Aviva and Amichai Robinson
Freda Robinson
Ronni and Elliott Robinson
Lynn and Irvin Shapiro
Tammy and Michael Sugar

PATRON $2,500-$3,599
Laura and David Allswang
Lynn and Alfred Altschul
Natan Azaraf
Robin and Yossi Azaraf
Allison and Yoni Bellows
Gilda and Art Birn
Bluma and Rabbi Yishai Broner
Patricia and Myron Cherry
Yisraela and Dr. Avy Dachman
Judy and Michael Daniels
Elizabeth and Mitchell Dayan
Sally and Arthur Dordek
Linda and Larry Friedman
Annette and Harry Gendler
Lani Yampol Gershon and Dr. Richard Gershon
Yehudit and Yoel Goldberg
Dr. Sharon Sholiton and Dr. Jeffrey Goldberger
Aviva and Dr. Phillip Greenland
Lana and Nathaniel Grey
Dr. Edward Kaplan
Deni Rosen and Kevin Kirshenbaum



Stacy and Dr. Myron Kirshenbaum
Jason Kirshner
Nora and Matthew Koenig
Debra Korman
Rochelle and Rabbi Stanley Kroll
Elizabeth and Stephen Landes
Julie and George Lennon
Aviva and Nathan Lichtenstein
Monica and Rich Magid
Susan and Ronnie Masliansky
Trude Matanky
Judith and Albert Milstein
Alison and Alan Molotsky
Dvora and Michael Nussbaum
Reva and Marty Oliner
Bethia Straus and Paul Quintas
Ida and Harry Rosen Foundation
Bonnie and Sy Rosen
Michelle and Josh Rosen
Jennie and Avi Rothner
Yetta Saltzberg
Keryn and David Schreiber
Ethel and Les Sutker
Brenda and Max Wasserman
Debbie and Shabsai Wolfe


Society of Patrons


Society of Patrons levels include the following packages at the Scholarship Dinner

  • Guardian  $25,000 Twelve Diamond ads and four tables
  • Angel  $18,000 Eight Platinum ads and three tables
  • Benefactor  $10,000 Four Gold ads and two tables
  • Pillar  $7200 Three Silver ads and one table
  • Sponsor $5,000 Two Opal ads and eight reservations
  • Advocate $3,600 One Crystal ad and six reservations
  • Patron $2,500 One Bronze ad and three reservations
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Society of Patrons

Guardian, Angel, Benefactor, Pillar, Sponsor, Advocate, Patron