While it’s true that we offer a dual curriculum, our mission is one and the same: to inspire our students to become bnei and bnot Torah who have the knowledge, courage, strength of character and passion to thrive in an increasingly complicated modern world.

We do this in the classroom by giving our students the knowledge they need in every course and on every level, whether it’s learning complex ideas in Chumash or Talmud or solving AP calculus problems or studying Shakespeare.

how we inspire students

We do this on the sports field and in extracurricular activities, where some of the most influential experiential learning happens that guides our students to become leaders, mentors, doers and team members.

And we do this during all-school special activities where our students learn what it means contribute to a community.

Educationally, our goal is to prepare our students with life-long learning skills necessary to continue their education after graduation at various yeshivot, seminaries and universities.

In the Words of Our Students

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our recent graduates have to say:

“Eleven years ago my parents visited this school for the very first time. They were stunned when they walked into a classroom of girls, and everyone stood up for them My mom and dad had heard of people standing for the president or a rabbi. But who stands for a therapist and a software developer? Feeling the respect that radiated off of these recipients of a Jewish education showed my parents everything they needed to know. So they made a choice–the first of either of their families–a choice that I know was right. A choice that I am thanking them for right now. And now I too stand. I stand for the need for a Jewish education in an increasingly secular world. I stand for my dreams. I stand for the people I love and the people I don’t. And I stand for my values that I am excited to share with the world.”

^Ruby Grant, class of 2019

“On Senior Retreat, I asked a classmate the same question I was asked a year ago. What are your plans for the future? I was expecting a college major or future occupation, but she answered immediately with ‘I just want to be a good person.’ I. Just. Want. To be. A Good. Person. Wow… what an inspiring answer. And this is just one example of how Ida Crown has become more than just a college prep school. The lessons they teach don’t just stop after you graduate and get your degree. They last a lifetime—one that has you thriving. One where you apply what you learned in both the morning and afternoon class. One where you have so much more than a job to look forward to in your days. One where you are remarkably happy with those around you, with God, and with yourself.”

Shoshi Bar-Meir, class of 2019

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