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Society of Patrons$1800 and up
Junior Society of Patrons (alumni 30 and younger)$500 to $1,799
Advanced Placement Membership$250
Honors Membership$100
Basic Membership$36
Other$1 and up

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Aces basketball games, school retreats, your closest friends and your favorite course–each of these make up the memories that define your high school experience. Even though you have left the halls of ICJA, you remain a member of the Academy family.  Renew your connection to ICJA by keeping in touch. We post your Good & Welfare news on our website and include your news in Alumni and Parent e-Newsletters.

You can also renew your connection to your alma mater by making a gift to the ICJA Alumni Association today. Because of our policy never to turn away a child because of financial reasons, actual tuition and fees collected cover less than 75 percent of the school’s total budget. We need help from alumni like you to bridge the gap.

Your assistance helps us provide an outstanding Jewish and general education to current Academy students, 65 percent of whom receive tuition scholarships. From hiring excellent faculty to purchasing cutting-edge technology, funding from alumni and community members helps Ida Crown Jewish Academy maintain its status as one of the nation’s leading Modern Orthodox institutions. Most importantly, your gift, no matter the size, will allow today’s Academy students to create their own lasting memories.

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