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1. We strongly encourage all students, staff, and faculty to be fully vaccinated before beginning the school year. However, until the FDA issues a regular approval for the vaccine, students who are not vaccinated may attend school.

2. Once the FDA issues a regular approval for the COVID-19 vaccine, we will enforce the same policy as for the MMR vaccine – all students, faculty, and staff must be vaccinated to attend ICJA.

3. Due to the State of Illinois mask mandate, everyone must be masked while in the ICJA building.

4. Distancing:

  • For the vaccinated, when masked, distancing is desirable but not required. During meals and therefore when unmasked, a minimum of three feet is required.
  • For the unvaccinated, a minimum distancing of three feet is always required, whether masked or unmasked. Currently, the unvaccinated will be eating outside. When the weather changes, we will create a space for them to eat distanced at least six

feet apart – and do so for 15 minutes or less.

5. Fully vaccinated persons can sip water/drinks from behind their masks; this will not be allowed for the unvaccinated. 

6. All unvaccinated persons in the school will be required to be tested for COVID twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays. During August, we will be testing via a PCR Nasopharyngeal swab test. For the remainder of the year, we have contracted with the SHIELD program of the University of Illinois and will be using their PCR saliva test. The tests will be free of charge and will be administered at the beginning of both lunch periods and will take only a few minutes. However, those tested with the saliva test cannot eat or drink for 60 minutes before the test.

7. All participants in indoor sports will also need to participate in our twice-weekly testing program, regardless of their vaccination status. These tests will be administered from the time that indoor practices begin and through the entire season. 

8. All members of the ICJA band will need to participate in our twice-weekly testing program, regardless of their vaccination status. 

9. Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who have any COVID-like symptoms (a sore throat, cough, fever, loss of taste/smell, or headache), PLEASE do not come to school. Even vaccinated individuals can catch or spread COVID and so may not attend school with COVID suspicious symptoms. Check with your doctor and get tested for COVID.

10. If a student, teacher, or staff member has an exposure to COVID, please notify the administration immediately:

  • For the vaccinated – there is no quarantine, but masking is required for fourteen days, or for five days if completely symptom-free and PCR tested on days four or five and negative. In addition, extra care must be taken regarding social distancing of at least six feet both indoors and outdoors.
  • For the unvaccinated – if exposed (15 minutes and within 6 feet), home quarantine is required for 14 days. 

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