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What was it like for you to come to high school from your particular elementary school? Was it a big adjustment socially and academically and why?

I went to Hillel Torah before ICJA so I knew many of the students who would be in my grade already. The classes and work took time to get used to, but I adjusted pretty quickly and got to know my grade quickly too. So overall it was pretty easy to adjust.

Is there an Academy teacher or course that made a difference in your life as a student?

Yes, there is– Ms. Kirshner gave me a new understanding on how to learn Tanach and how to think about the Bible overall.

Is there a club or sport you have joined that has helped you become a better person or a stronger leader? Have you gained any life lessons from an extracurricular activity?

Wrestling has changed my life for the better in many ways. My coaches have taught me by example how to truly be an amazing person and how to care for others as much as you care for yourself and treat everyone with respect. On the mat they taught me how to succeed and fail with honor and respect and to truly be a connected team that works toward a common goal.

What is a lesson or skill you will take with you once you leave high school?

How to be a Jew in the real world and work hard.

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