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Prior to arriving at ICJA 17 years ago, Mr. Phil Zbaraz LCPC, CCATP, worked for an Agency of the Jewish Federation as an adolescent and family counselor.  At that time, he also had a small private practice and was teaching graduate and under-graduate courses in the Human Services Counseling Department at National-Louis University.  As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Mr. Zbaraz continued working primarily with teenagers, focusing on issues involving: anxiety, depression, self-injury, addiction and life transitions.  He utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches, but ultimately, the core belief that guides his work is simple;

“All people possess the innate ability to grow, learn and live a life of meaning and integrity.”

He does not work with students by telling them what they should do, but rather assists them by exploring with them ways in which they can identify and utilize attitudes, thoughts and behaviors which represent their core values. He is also acutely aware of the truth that he is only a small part of a very complex series of inter-dependent factors which continue to unfold in a person’s life.  It is interesting, Mr. Zbaraz says, that he finds the most important service he can provide is to be present and listen.  As Stephen Covey so brilliantly stated:  “do you listen with the intent to reply or do you listen with the intent to understand?”

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