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I can’t tell you how long I debated whether or not to write this.

Facebook is the red carpet of social media. But instead of boasting five-figure clutches and oh-so-dreamy LBDs (little black dresses), we boast engagement rings and triathlon medals, Happy Hour beers and Utah ski trips. We paint ourselves as carefree beneficiaries, whom life has chosen to make everything work out. We place our successes before a jury of our social followers, and fight to suppress our stories of depression, or addiction, loneliness and disappointment. Because we don’t want others to know we’re wearing knockoffs.

So I debated sharing how after graduation I will be working as a researcher in the investigative unit of Washington, D.C. ‘s local CBS-affiliate station.

But here’s the catch. Here’s the pimple, here’s the wardrobe malfunction, the awkward beauty mark, the lowdown. I worked the hardest I’ve ever had to work. I was rejected 70 times to get to this point.

I’d like to share with you the arduous application journey of landing your first job.

**names of corporations redacted
October 2016
Summer Internship- will be notified on or before Dec. 2 Washington Responded: Rejected
Summer Internship Washington/New York

November 2016
Editorial Fellowship Washington/New York
Newsroom Internship-SPRING Washington Responded: Accepted!!
Online Internship- SPRING Washington Responded: Rejected
Newsroom Summer Internship London Responded: Rejected
Summer Journalism Internship New York
TV Editor Atlanta, Georgia
News Intern Summer Arlington, Virginia
Breaking News Fellowship (International Business Times) New york
Magazine Reporter Manhattan, New York
Editorial Operations Intern New York
Copy Editor (x3 brands) New York/Washington
Editor Washington

December 2016
News Lab Fellowship- 10-wks SUMMER (California), (New York), (Missouri), (Washington), (New York)
News Assistant (salary requested $34,000) New York Responded: Rejected
Summer 2017 Editorial Intern – CNET New York
Editorial Opportunities Baltimore, Maryland
Summer 2017 Internship 1choice- Washington, 2choice-New York, 3choice-Chicago Responded: Rejected
News Desk Assistant Washington
Part Time News Reporter New York
Digital Reporter/Producer New York
News Editor Washington or New York
Freelance News Assistant- Washington Responded: requested interview, immediate need, touch-base in May , circled back with email 3/24
Digital News Reporter New York
Editorial Fellowship (Summer) Washington (send January 1st again)
Newsroom Internship (Summer) Virginia
Internship (1 year) Washington, D.C.
TV Writer New York Responded: Rejected
Breaking News Reporter- New York
Newspaper Reporter – Frederick, Maryland
Foreign Affairs Reporter Washington
January 2017
Staff Editor- New York
Associate Content Editor- Washington
Digital News Reporter- New York City
Summer 2017 Internship Program- New York
Assistant/Associate Production Editor- New York Responded: Rejected
Junior Assistant Editor SENT EMAIL- Chicago/ Washington
Junior Reporter- Arlington, Virginia
News Group Associate- New York
PM Breaking News Editor- Washington Responded: Rejected
Local Reporter- SENT EMAIL- Chicago
News Fellow (Sep 2017-Dec 2017) SENT EMAIL- New York
Editorial Assistant- New York Responded: Rejected
Newsgathering Intern- SUMMER 2017-Washington
Newssource Intern-SUMMER 2017- Washington

February 2017
Summer internship- Washington Responded: Because I am not going to be a Grad student Im disqualified Responded: Rejected
Investigative Journalism Summer Internship- Yonkers, New York Responded: requested I apply for their Health Editorial internship, however the description requires you be attending Graduate school while interning
Summer 2017 Intern – Documentary Unit- New York
Summer Intern 2017- Special Events- Washington, DC
Editorial Fellowship (6-12 months)- Washington, DC Responded: Rejected
Investigative Internship- Yonkers, New York Responded: Rejected
Health Editorial Internship- Yonkers, New York Responded: She’s going to pass my name and resume onto her supervisor HAD INTERVIEW 3/16/2017 SUBMITTED PITCHES 3/20/2017 Rejected

March 2017
General Assignment Health Reporter- Washington, DC
Editor/Reporter- Falls Church, Virginia
Production Assistant- Washington, DC
National Investigative Associate Producer- Washington, DC Responded: Rejected
Correspondent- Arlington, Virginia
Junior Copy Writer- New York
Writer, Staff- Baltimore, Maryland
Staff Writer/ Religion and Faith- Washington, DC
Content Creator/Researcher- Washington, DC Asked to apply by General Manager and Senior Producer. Interview : OFFER!! OFFER!!! DING DING DING DING!!! 4/13/2017
Desk Assistant- Washington DC
Content Producer- Washington DC
Investigative Reporter- Washington, DC
Assistant Editor- Washington DC

April 2017
Newspaper Reporter- Baltimore, Maryland

As you can see, I’ve broken the Facebook code. I’m telling you everything Facebook users try to hide. Because after every rejection letter, or worse, no response, something died in me.

Landing your first job is no small feat, it takes an encouraging support system, a tireless spirit, firm self conviction, and a seven month supply of mint ice cream.

To my friends, you kept me sane.
To my sister, you kept me crazy.
To my Bubbie, you kept me sharp.
To my mentors, you kept me hungry.
To my boyfriend, you kept me happy.
To my parents, you kept me in line.
To God, you kept me hopeful.
To myself, you kept me going.

Eliana Block (’12) just graduated from University of Maryland. This post was reposted here with permission from her Collegedox blog.

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