Activities at the Academy including debate team, National Honor Society, the annual girls’ play and student council present leadership opportunities while providing students with a forum to develop their talents and interests. Despite the Academy’s small student body, students have endless extracurricular opportunities. Try out for the school play, pick up an instrument for the first time in band or join the softball team with little or no experience. Those who don’t find the club that suits their needs, create their own.


Ms. Susan Sennett, advisor


Mr. Daniel Harris, advisor

Charlotte’s Web Literary Magazine

Mrs. Marsha Arons, advisor

Charlotte’s Web is an excellent platform for students to display their writing and artistic talents. An event is held at the end of the year showcasing the submitted works.  The magazine is well known far beyond the Ida Crown community and receives many awards and accolades.

Crown Prints Newspaper

Ms. Sheri Goldstein, advisor

Packed with relevant articles and interesting news, The Crown Prints has grown in staff size, content, and student appeal.  The paper provides a means to educate the student body about school news and a forum to express students’ opinions.

Feminism Club

Mrs. Marsha Arons, advisor

Ida Crown’s brand new feminism club seeks to educate students to fight inquality and sexism.  Students learn about many issues facing society, including about the wage gap, pink tax and women in the workplace.


“Girls’ Night Out Learning” is a NILI after school learning program for high school girls.  Girls from all different Jewish schools across Chicago convene every month for a learning session of Shiurim and fun activities.

Ham Radio Club

Mr. David Newman, advisor


Ms. Susan Sennett, advisor

HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Club’s mission is to do acts of chesed and tzedakah throughout our community and beyond.  The students make brownies and sell them to raise money to buy winter apparel for the homeless.  They also volunteer once a month to make bagged lunches to deliver to the Lincoln Park community shelter.

HUGO Heros

Mrs. Chavee Gottlieb, advisor

Ida Crown Girls Club (ICGC)

Mrs. Jenny Hajaj, advisor

Interact Club

The Interact Club is one of the largest clubs in ICJA.  Interact helps students raise money through different fundraisers for chesed organizations such as The Ark and Shalva.  This empowering club allows members to leave as lasting impoact ont he community.

Israel Advocacy Club

Ms. Susan Sennett, advisor

The club fortifies students’ knowledge about the Middle East and prepares them for difficult questions they may face regarding Israel.  The club educates students about bills in Congress, informs them about situations that Israel faces, and answers polular questions about the country itself.

JOH (Just One Hour)

Every Tuesday, Ida Crown students can be seen rushing to the fishbowl to get donuts and learn about lashon hara at the JOH club.  Short for Just One Hour, students learn the halachot of lashon hara by reading passages from the Chofetz Chaim’s Daily Companion, whie enjoying Dunkin Donuts.  This inspiring club encourages students to focus on at least one hour every day of not speaking lashon hora.


Mrs. Alissa Zeffren, advisor

This year, six students, accompanied by Mrs. Zeffren, went to new York for the Jewish Unity Mentoring Program conference (JUMP) where they learned how to create successful initiatives. The JUMP participants were encouraged to develop an initiative regarding Jewish advocacy and education within their own communities.  The students worked hard to create an initiative in Chicago, and implemented a program called “Student to Student” in which Jewish students go to public schools to give presentations about Judaism to create a more positive outlook towards Judaism from public school teens.

Keshet Peer Buddies

Mrs. Lori Zisook, advisor

Ida Crown teens mentor Keshet students.  By joining them for lunch, playing games, and just hanging out, Ida Crown teens form strong friendships with Keshet students.  The Keshet peer buddy program is a great chessed opportunity, and brings happinesss to both parties involved.


Mrs. Stephanie Pederson, advisor

Every month, ICJA Mathletes go to local math competitions where they prove their mathematical prowess by competing against other local schools. Mathletes sharpens their problem solving skills and learns mathematical techniques that they can employ throughout the rest of their mathematical careers.

Media Club


Rabbi Yoni Fox, advisor

Model UN Program

Mr. Josh Cooper, advisor

At this year’s Yeshiva University’s National Model United Nations, Ida Crown students represented the countries of Panama and South Korea. They researched various global issues, and went to New York to talk to students from all around the world in an effort to create resolutions to the international dilemmas.  The issues discussed spanned from human trafficking to water scarcity and language preservation.  Students had the opportunity to debate and act as UN delegates and in the process learned valuable debate skills.

National Honor Society Torah Chapter

Mr. Phil Zbaraz, advisor Click here to find out more.

Recognized for their leadership qualities, service to the school, academic accomplishments and derech eretz, the National Honor Society represents Ida Crown’s finest.

Peer Tutoring Club

Mrs. Ann Dee Holland, advisor

School Retreats

Rabbi Yoni Fox,/Mrs. Alissa Zeffren, advisors

Senior Leaders

Mr. Phil Zbaraz, advisor

The transition into high school can be scary and overwhelming, but luckily the Senior Leaders prove to be exceptional guides for the incoming Freshmen. Senior Leaders were first trained by Madraigos before participating in a two day orientaiton at the beginning of the year. They helped provide comfort and support. Senior Leaders went above and beyond, bringing first day of school gifts, taking their Freshmen out for coffee, and checking in with freshmen throughout the year.

Service Points Committee

Mrs. Marlene Wasserstrom, advisor


Rabbi Yoni Fox, advisor

Student Council

Ms. Susan Sennett, advisor

ICJA’s student council accomplished many exceptional things this year such as raising money for organizations including Sharsheret, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Chicago Chesed Fund, JUF and Kol HaNearim, holding a clothing drive at school; and planning a pep Rally.  At their monthly meetings, the members of student council.

Student to Student

Mrs. Alissa Zeffren, advisor

Torah Society

Rabbi Shmuel Kurtz, advisor

Yad v’Shem Internship

Ms. Susan Sennett, advisor


Mr. Vincent Olson, advisor

Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Rabbi Yoni Fox/Mrs. Alissa Zeffren, advisors

Yom HaZikaron Committee

Rabbi Yoni Fox/Mrs. Alissa Zeffren, advisors

YU Torah Mitzion Kollel

Rabbi Reuven Brand, advisor