Student Life - What's my story?

Oshrat Faratci

The Impact of Student Activities

Throughout my limited, yet substantial, time in Ida Crown, I have acquired a great sense of how impactful a school can be. Ida Crown provides me with opportunities I had never seen before my freshman year, and has bolstered my life experience as a whole. By offering many extra-curricular activities, numerous sports teams, and a surplus of various clubs, Ida Crown has undoubtedly positively influenced me.

Freshman year I was thrilled to be able to take part in many school events and participate in multiple clubs. However, my elation climaxed with the surprise of the lasting effect of these school programs. Being a Lady Ace on the basketball team freshman year taught me a great deal about myself and my interests. I had no idea that I could push myself to such levels of physical exertion, or that I had the potential to succeed in other areas of life.  My athletic career continued at school with Cross Country, which proved to be an experience like no other. The competitive edge that I acquired through races and intense practices has transformed me as person for the better.

The beauty of my school is that it impacts me in so many ways. Besides athletics, Ida Crown gave me the opportunity to support those less fortunate than I. By joining the HOPE committee, I helped raise money for impoverished families, and even volunteered at a café downtown. Before high school, I never pictured myself doing such acts of kindness or helping those in need.

By taking part in Student Council both my freshman and sophomore years, I discovered a leader in myself that was previously unknown. Before high school, I had never spoken in front of a large group, or run in a campaign. Student council has greatly impacted me my augmenting my self-confidence and recognizing my potential.

Ida Crown has definitely impacted my life and has set me on a path that I would have otherwise not gone down. I have learned about myself and my potential through Ida Crown, and it has provided me with countless beneficial opportunities. My school has motivated me to be a better person, and continues to encourage me to keep improving in all aspects of life.