Student Life - What's my story?

Yinnon Sanders

Transferring from Public School

I’m a senior at Ida Crown, and I transferred in junior year from a public school in Indiana. Before I came to the Academy I had never studied a page of Talmud. Here I have opportunities to learn with other students and form relationships with my teachers. But the difference between Ida Crown and public school is more than what you spend your morning doing. There is much more of a community behind Ida Crown than behind any public school, and it will support you and help you out when necessary. It can be intimidating at first; it seems like all the students at Ida Crown knew each other since they were two, and their parents and siblings knew each other from before they were born. But if you’re not part of the community already, they will welcome you and your family into the doors of Ida Crown. In the fall, I was visiting Penn, and I met someone from Ida Crown who turned out to be friends with a lot of my friends’ sisters. She set up a meeting between her college advisor and me. Something like that could never have happened if I had stayed at public school. Wherever you go, if you find a graduate of Ida Crown, you have a connection, and you have a friend. That’s more valuable than most of what I’ve learned in high school.