Student Life - What's my story?

Zeke Gillman

U.S. History and Politics

At the beginning of junior year, I had a small, yet emerging interest in politics. But that interest did not fully expand and situate itself in my mind until I took AP US History that year taught by Mr. Cooper. As I explored the annals of U.S. History from Christopher Columbus to George W. Bush, from the founding of a country to its role as a world power, I gained an immense appreciation for the history of the country that I live in. I now greatly admire such events as when Abraham Lincoln fought furiously over the passage of the thirteenth amendment, which banned slavery, or when Franklin Roosevelt tried strengthening and bringing hope to a nation demoralized by the Great Depression. These were only some of the profound moments, well-expressed by Mr. Cooper, that inspired me and fueled my liking for politics.

Because this field had so rooted itself in my mind, I knew that I had to apply it to the real world and spread it among my peers. I engaged in various political activities like Model U.N and Debate, and even formed my own club dedicated to discussing political events. I have led discussion on such topics like the 2012 elections, gun control, and Obama’s economic policies as addressed in the State of the Union. With this club I hope to get students involved in their own government and take advantage of the rights and freedoms that the forefathers of America fought and died for. No longer is politics a conversation reserved only for intellectuals and scholars, instead it has become everyday talk at the cafeteria amongst students.

I can only hope that I have had a positive influence on Ida Crown Jewish Academy, but I can truly affirm that Ida Crown has had a great impact on my own life. The courses offered and teachers present continue to inspire and amaze me.