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For three generations, we at Ida Crown Jewish Academy have guided more than 4000 young men and women to reach their individual potentials, molding future leaders in Jewish life, business, government, science and the arts. Over 75 years ago, eight visionaries, leaders from the Associated Talmud Torahs of Chicago and Hebrew Theological College, sought to intensify Jewish education in Chicago, ensuring the continuity of traditional Jewish life in the city. Together they decided to establish a secondary school that would integrate general studies with a thorough Jewish education, a pioneering idea at the time. In 1942, Chicago Jewish Academy, as ICJA was first called, opened on Chicago’s West Side to 42 students. Click here to read more about our history.

Today our founders’ vision remains intact, as Ida Crown Jewish Academy is renowned for providing students with an outstanding education in both Judaic and general studies. It is our commitment to excellence that makes the Academy the number-one choice for hundreds of families, both in the Metropolitan Chicago area and from out of town. We are Chicago’s Modern Orthodox Jewish high school, open to all members of our diverse community. Across the nation, we are recognized not only as a leading institution in the field of education, but we are also known for our outstanding athletic program and extracurricular opportunities.

What sets ICJA apart from other academies?

For four years, Academy students devote serious effort to developing their minds and characters. It is our students’ shared commitment to growth, reinforced by a staff that supports each student as an individual, that makes the Academy such a warm and nurturing Jewish community.

Each year as our graduates leave the halls of the Academy we are proud of who they have become–fine, mature, committed, cultured and dedicated Jewish young adults. We are also proud of the many awards they receive, including: university academic scholarships, National Merit Scholarships and Illinois State Scholar awards. Our graduates continue their education by attending the finest universities in America and abroad in addition to the finest yeshivot and seminaries in Israel.

We are Ida Crown Jewish Academy. We prepare our students for life as observant Jews and full members of society. We’ll help you reach your potential.

Ida Crown Jewish Academy is an affiliate of the Associated Talmud Torahs, the central agency for Orthodox Jewish education in Chicago, and is a partner with the Jewish Federation/Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago in serving our community.

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