We take great pride in our Academic Services Department, which provides an array of special services to students with learning needs. Accommodations may include–but not be limited to–course changes, level changes, use of lap tops, note takers, readers, materials with enlarged print, books on tape, special classroom seating, extended time on assignments, extended time on tests, assignment to support teachers, social work services, assignment to the writing lab, and scheduled case management.

Academic Services provides an array of services to students with identified learning needs. Accommodations are granted to students through the writing of an Individual Educational Plan(IEP). This IEP is written by Academic Services staff with the input of parents, students and administrators.

The plan is based on the requirements and expectations of Ida Crown Jewish Academy, the psychologist’s report and the recommendations of the Academic Services Department.

Academic Services department of ICJA requires complete psycho-educational testing and full documentation of student needs in order to provide the optimal educational environment for each student