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Schedule for 2021

There are still a few more yeshivot with whom we have not yet finalized a date for presentations – we will add these dates when they become available and will notify the students. Additionally, there will be a virtual Israel fair this year, which will provide a great opportunity for parents to hear directly from the yeshivot; we will share information about that once it is finalized.

Seminary / YeshivaTimeDate
Reishit6th periodOctober 26
Orayta6th periodOctober 28
Yeshivat Birkat Moshe (Maaleh Adumim)Breakfast (Zoom)November 3
TVA5th periodNovember 8
Bar Ilan Israel Experience5th period November 9
Migdal HaTorah5th period November 10
Eretz Hatzvi5th period November 2
Aish Gesher5th period November 16
Mechinat Otzem5th period (Zoom) November 17
MevaseretBreakfastNovember 17
Mechinat Keshet Yehuda5th period (Zoom) November 18
Torat Shraga5th period November 22
Yeshivat Shaalvim5th periodDecember 7
Lev HaTorah5th periodDecember 13
Yeshivat Har Etztioni5th period December 15
Hakotel5th period December 17

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