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In the Words of Our Students

“Many times I’ve found myself talking to teachers during lunch for help, but one specific experience still vividly plays through my mind nearly a year later. My English teacher was helping me with a literature contest and as I was struggling she looks me in the eyes. Taken back I waited for her to begin speaking and she says “Liat, tell your story, people want to hear your voice”. I realized at that moment that she was not just giving me advice about an essay, rather instruction on how to live my life. This is just one example in my high school experience where I have realized that the teachers at Ida Crown prepare you for more than just school-related things. They genuinely care about their students well beings. Knowing that people around you love and want you to succeed affects a person for a lifetime. The kindness I have been shown over the last four years will always be remembered and cherished. Ida Crown is not solely a school, it is a community that encourages everyone to achieve their potential.”

– Liat Mott, Class of 2020

While it’s true that we offer a dual curriculum, our mission is one in the same: to inspire our students to become bnei and bnot Torah who have the knowledge, courage, strength of character and passion to thrive in an increasingly complicated modern world.

We do this in the classroom by giving our students the knowledge they need in every course and on every level, whether it’s learning complex ideas in Chumash or Talmud, solving AP calculus problems, or studying Shakespeare.

We also do this on the sports field and in extracurricular activities, where some of the most influential experiential learning happens that guides our students to become leaders, mentors, doers and team members.

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