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Academy Aces Athletics

Our student athletes compete with integrity.

Whether it is basketball or wrestling, the Ida Crown Jewish Academy Aces are known locally and nationally as formidable competitors. And at national sports tournaments, parents, teachers and students travel far distances to support our men and women athletes. In 2012, two varsity athletic teams, the wrestlers and the varsity girls’ basketball team, became Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Regional Champions in the same week. This is the first time in the school’s history that any team won the regional championship game and likely the first time that any Jewish day school took that title twice in the same season. Later in that same year, the wrestlers won the YU Henry Wittenberg Wrestling Invitational for the 8th time, scoring more points than any team had ever scored in tournament history.

We currently offer many interscholastic athletic teams, including: boys’ and girls’ cross country, girls’ soccer, boys’ baseball, wrestling, girls’ and boys’ junior varsity and varsity basketball teams, boys’ fencing. For more information contact Brittany Peters, athletic director at

Athletic Department Programs

In order to participate, you will need to complete the following forms. No student/athlete may participate in an open gym, tryout, or practice in any sport until the athletic office is in receipt of the completed Permit Card, the signed IHSA sports medicine consent, the participation form and the registration form.

Athletic Manual

Please read the Athletic Manual and confirm your agreement below by submitting the form.

Athletic Forms

Cross Country

Boys’ Coach: Ezra Jaffe,

Girls’ Coach: Dana Hunter,

Try-Out Dates: No tryouts

Schedule: TBD

Boy’s Basketball

Boy’s Varsity Coach: Lee Gruen,

Boy’s Varsity Assistant Coach: Robert Duling,

Sophomore Coach: TBD

Boy’s Sophomore Assistant Coach:

Try-Out Dates: TBD

Schedule: TBD

Girl’s Basketball

Girls’ Varsity Coach: Brittany Peters,

Girls’ Jr Varsity Coach: Zach Appel,

Try-Out Dates: TBD

Schedule: TBD


Coach: Doug Klein,

Assistant Coach: Ellie Saltzman,

Assistant Coach: Bill Porter,

Try-Out Dates: TBD

Schedule: TBD

Boys’ & Girls’ Fencing

Fencing Coach: Coach Ed Kaihatsu,

Try-Out Dates: TBD

Schedule:  TBD

Boy’s Soccer

Head Coach: Leo Rodriguez,

Try-Out Dates: TBD

Schedule: Click here to view

Girl’s Soccer

Head Coach: Leo Rodriguez,

Try-Out Dates: TBD

Schedule: Click here to view

Boy’s Baseball

Coach Steve Greenberg,

Assistant Coach Dr. Preston Wolin,

Try-Out Dates: TBD

Schedule: Click here to view

Athlete Testimonials

“On the basketball team, I learned to work well with other people, placing my own interests in the background in order to achieve a greater, collective goal and persevering through difficult circumstances”

— Jonah Grant, Alum ‘14

“Being a part of the cross-country team has taught me so much about myself and about others. It taught me about my capabilities as a runner, it taught me how to be a part of a team and how showing support to others affects their performance.”

— Rebecca Mendelsberg, Student ‘16

After becoming a member of the Academy’s wrestling team, I have, through much dedication and commitment, along with countless hours of practice, learned to value sportsmanship and teamwork and apply those ideals beyond the mat.”

— Ari Rosenzweig, Student, ‘16

“Being on the baseball team means more than putting on a uniform and shagging flyballs… it means receiving a nickname that makes no sense, becoming best friends with the teammate who you compete with for the starting job at shortstop, having several coaches who dedicate themselves to transforming each and every member into a ben-Torah.”

— Ben Schreiber, Student ‘15

“As an Ace, I learned to embrace failure and use it as a motivation to succeed in the future. My experiences on the team have been a crucial part of my maturation and the lesson I have learned have prepared me to thrive beyond the realm of athletics.”

— Jonah Grant, Alum ‘14

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