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An ’05 graduate of ICJA, Karli has spent plenty of time back in the school as an EMT instructor in our Hugo’s Heroes Club which trains students to become first responders.  The club began in 2019, when ICJA became the first school in the Chicago area to open a chapter; since then, dozens of students have received training.  “I work with the students to ensure they have the confidence and skills to respond to an emergency by setting up and providing the initial training sessions, then monthly meetings with different topics and hands-on skills practice,” Karli explains.

In addition to her professional career as the clinical manager of a group of psychology practices, since 2011 Karli has also volunteered as an emergency medical dispatcher with Hatzalah, compiles call data in order to improve the organization’s logistics, and since 2013, has overseen the CPR program with in Hatzalah Chicago and has taught hundreds of people CPR.

Karli credits her years at ICJA with helping her find the enthusiasm and energy to volunteer.  “I learned that being busy is good for me: it really set me up for college and after; I learned what to do with my time.”  Karli also recalls special teachers at the Academy who recognized her academic potential: “If not for Mrs. Jaffee and Mrs. Wasserstrom, I don’t think I’d be as successful as I am.”  

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