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Liat Katz, a 2019 graduate of ICJA, attended Midreshet HaRova in Israel in 2020, and unfortunately had to leave early due to Covid. Her love for Israel and learning brought her back to HaRova for a second year. While attending HaRova she made the decision to make Aliyah and start college at IDC Herzliya. While waiting to start college she volunteered at Melabeve, an all-American nursing home in Israel for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Once school began, Liat moved to Herzliya where she began going to Shabbat meals and events from OU-JLIC. Liat saw a need for more to be done and started to ask how she could help: she attributes her desire to reach out and volunteer to help others to the foundation she gained at ICJA. Liat was asked to join the OU JLIC board as the co-director of learning and shiurim, a position that enables her to bring more religious programs to the IDC Herzliya campus. In addition to her volunteer work with JLIC, Liat is constantly inviting people to her home for Shabbat to make sure everyone has a place to go and no one is left behind.

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