ICJA’s spring 2019 drivers’ education program will be taught at the Academy by the Illinois Driving School from March 31st – June 3rd. The class will hold 25 students.

The Illinois Driving School offers a certified High School Teen Driver Education Program consisting of 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of driving time and 6 hours of observation. This course will fulfill the necessary requirements for a 15, 16 or 17 year old student in the State of Illinois to obtain a driver’s license.

The Illinois Driving School has been in business for more than 35 years and they have a reputation for teaching students how to pay attention, how to handle a car and how to make good decisions. The cost of the Illinois Driving School Teen Program is $275 per participant. The deadline to submit your payment is Friday, March 15th. Please make checks payable to ICJA.

To sign up, please see Mr. London in the Front Office.


Following is the class schedule for the spring quarter at ICJA:

Sunday, March 31                  10am – 11:45am

Wednesday, April 3                5pm – 6:45pm

Sunday, April 7                      10am – 11:45am

Wednesday, April 10              5pm – 6:45pm

Friday, April 12                      1pm Permit Trip

Wednesday, May 1                 5pm – 6:45pm

Sunday, May 5                        10am – 11:45am

Wednesday, May 8                 5pm – 6:45pm

Sunday, May 12                      10am – 11:45am

Wednesday, May 15               5pm – 6:45pm

Sunday, May 19                      10am – 11:45am

Wednesday, May 22              5pm – 6:45pm

Wednesday, May 29               5pm – 6:45pm

Sunday, June 2                        10am – 11:45am

Monday, June 3                      TBA