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Jews survived and flourished under all circumstances, benign or adverse, because we made our citadels as our schools, our heroes were our teachers and our passion education and the life of the mind. So, congratulations on a great school. May it be in its new building renewed and ever strengthened and may you continue to send out builders of the Jewish Future, the young people of this community, of whom you can be proud.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, speaking at a public lecture sponsored by ICJA

ICJA’s Annual Scholarship Campaign reflects our ongoing efforts to nurture a Modern Orthodox learning environment that rises to the challenges of today while respecting the tradition of yesterday.

Over 61% of ICJA’s families receive scholarships; last year, we offered $1.87 million in tuition subvention, and the demand for assistance continues to grow. Given these circumstances, tuition and fees do not cover our total budget. We are committed to providing an ICJA education regardless of a family’s financial situation. We need support from our Annual Scholarship Campaign to meet our financial goals and continue to grow and evolve to meet emerging needs.

Our goal this year is $1.46 million.

Here is how you can partner with ICJA:

  • Make a gift of any size to ICJA. Your gift has an impact on our efforts to maintain our standard of excellence while demonstrating the widespread support that we are privileged to enjoy from the community.
  • Join the Society of Patrons by supporting ICJA with a gift of $3600 and above.
  • Attend the Edward A Crown Scholarship Dinner.
  • Contribute to one of our Holiday Appeals, either at Rosh Hashanah or Pesach.
  • Commit to our Alumni Scholarship Campaign, maintaining your connection to ICJA and highlighting opportunity to continue supporting your alma mater
  • Give to our Parent and Grandparent campaign

There are many opportunities to support ICJA. Choose one that fits your tzedakah goals, your desire to connection to the Academy, and your desire to maintain a vibrant Modern Orthodox community. Whatever you choose… you are a vital part of helping us to complete the work.

Now in our eighth decade, we are proud to maintain our commitment to our Jewish young adults.

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