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If it were not for Ida Crown’s strong emphasis on Israel, this past summer would have been very different for me.

I have always been a strong supporter of Israel, but during my sophomore year, my support took a more mature form. I joined the Israel Advocacy club and took Jewish history and learned that I loved to learn about Israel from political and historical views. In order to build upon my passion that was rooted at Ida Crown, I joined Write On for Israel- a two year Israel Advocacy program through the JUF- at the beginning of junior year. During junior year we met once a month to learn about different ways to advocate and to learn about Israel from every side. During the summer, we concluded the learning aspect of the program by going to Israel and meeting with members of the Knesset, authors, and many other higher-up officials.

After Write On for Israel, I stayed in Israel to volunteer at the Neve Michael Children’s Home. Neve Michael houses 180 children ages 5-18 who have been removed from their homes due to drugs, abuse and/or any other aspect that made their homes unsafe to live in. While I was playing soccer or video games with the 11 year old boys that I was working with, I again found myself being thankful for my Ida Crown education. The children only spoke Hebrew and without the Hebrew program that Ida Crown offers, I would never have been able to form the connections that I did with the children.

As I grow older, I am beginning to realize that many of my passions and accomplishments trace back to me being a student at Ida Crown Jewish Academy.

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