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Saturday night, December 3, ICJA faced off against the Yeshiva in a standing-room only home boys Varsity basketball game.

As fans from both schools poured into the stands of the new Ida Crown gym, the intensity surrounding the game grew. Undoubtedly in the minds of the players (and certainly in the minds of the loyal Yeshiva fans), was the score of last year’s game between Ida Crown and Yeshiva: 48-46 with the Yeshiva on top.

This year’s game started out hectic but with the Aces in control. Ida Crown, relying on the speed and athleticism of their star guards Daniel Otani and Josh Goldrich, stayed ahead. The Yeshiva managed to pull within four points of the Aces in the final seconds of the first half, but were stopped in their tracks with a deep two pointer by starting guard Zack Cooper.

Coming out of the half, both sides seemed to have picked up the intensity, as did the crowd. Starting center Ryan Boker brought the fans to their feet with an electrifying block underneath the basket. As the game went on, the cheers were growing louder. With help from juniors Max Baker, Amitai Kolom, and Ezra Perlow, the Aces were able to take command of the game and coast to a comfortable 54-41 victory over their rivals from the Yeshiva.

All varsity games are live streamed by ICJA parent Bill Bokor on The Cube. Watch them there by following him.

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