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Alum Sammy Magid (’12) last April joined the ranks of those who choose to give the gift of life by donating a liver. Although not wanting to brag about his selfless act, Sammy agreed to allow us to post his story in hopes that he may inspire others to give so generously and help end the donation waitlist. He writes the following:

I regret to admit that I regularly take my body for granted. Growing up I ate whatever I wanted and was able to live an active life. The phrase “follow-up appointment” was not part of my vocabulary. In high school, I began to recite asher yatzar after learning about it in a class with Rabbi Gross in order to be more appreciative that my body is working properly. Over the years, I began to think about what happens when the body does not work as it should. While many illnesses have treatment, there is not much that can be done for someone living with organ failure.

In April, I flew to Chicago to donate part of my liver to a child whom I would soon learn was Jerry (the cutie in the blue jacket). While I had complications, it was by far the most meaningful experience in my life. These feelings are hard to describe and often lead to me breaking down into tears when I reflect upon my organ donation.

I am glad to say that Jerry is doing quite well! He can now enjoy food, something he could not do before, and is bursting full of energy. Unfortunately there are many out there who are still searching for a kidney or liver. Thousands die each year waiting for a life-saving organ.

Friends, you can share the gift of life! Please join me to end the waitlist, one patient at a time.

Begin your organ donation journey today! I promise that it will transform you into a better version of yourself. Email me if you are interested.

This post is a bit out of my comfort zone for many reasons. Please note that the only reason I am posting is to encourage others to donate.

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