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Congratulations to the Ida Crown Jewish Academy class of 2017! We are so proud of all your accomplishments.

The class of 2017 is headed to the following Israel programs:
Aish HaTorah • Darchei Binah • Eretz HaTzvi HaKotel • Keshet Yehudah • Lev HaTorah • Mevaseret Tzion • Orayta • Torat Shraga • Yeshiva Gedola of Australia • Yeshivat Har Etzion

Ein HaNatziv • Machon Maayan • Mevaseret • Midreshet Amit • Midreshet Harova • Midreshet Lindenbaum • Midreshet Moriah • Midreshet Torah v’Chesed • Tiferet • Torah V’Avodah

Bar Ilan Israel Experience • IDF

The class of 2017 was accepted to the following universities:
Barnard College
Binghamton University
Boston University
Brandeis University
College of Charleston
Columbia College
DePaul University
Drexel University
Emory University
George Washington University
Indiana University
Illinois Institute of Technology
Johns Hopkins University
Loyola University
Michigan State University
New York University
Northeastern Illinois University
Northwestern University
University of Pennsylvania
Princeton University
Rutgers University
St. Louis University
Touro College
University of Chicago
University of Illinois
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Iowa
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts
University of Miami
University of Pittsburgh
University of Wisconsin
Washington University
Yeshiva University/Stern College for Women




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