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Coming from Arie Crown to ICJA, the only extracurricular I knew about was eighth grade basketball. However, this changed drastically starting my freshman year here. Ida Crown creates a wide variety of opportunities for its students to grow in every area of their lives: Judaic studies, secular studies, athletics, and more. In addition to a strong selection of academic offerings, including many AP classes like accelerated Gemara, European History, and Chemistry, and beyond just the traditional sports and clubs, Ida Crown has made room for more unique activities like fencing, for which I am a co-captain. Fencing is one of the fastest growing teams here, started only a few years ago by a student, Spencer Brasch.

ICJA responds to the interests of the student body, so if you have an idea or interest that isn’t represented here yet, maybe you can create something next year yourself. Once we got started, students with no prior experience became top competitors thanks to our amazing Coach Price. I had never fenced at all before my sophomore year, and now fencing is a major part of my life. A sport of intellect and speed, fencing is just one of many extracurriculars available here at ICJA, as you can see from the many tables around the room right now.

These opportunities will only grow once we move to our new building next semester. Because the possibilities here are so plentiful, your high school experience is limited only by your own initiative.

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