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In honor of Israel’s 70th year, we asked our alumni in Israel to share their aliyah story. Read Sarah Weiss Maudi’s story below. Click here to return to the whole page of olim who submitted responses.

What year did you make aliyah and how old were you?

2004 at 27 years old

Did your experience in high school influence your decision to make aliyah and if so, how?

I was more influenced by my experience at Hillel Torah and the shlichim there and Rabbi B. Also by my participation in high school in the Israeli summer chetz vakeshet program.

What was your path to aliyah like?

I completed three degrees in the US and then made aliyah on my own, which was rough.


What has been the most rewarding about living in Israel?

Having my three sabras and my job where I work for Israel’s Foreign Ministry as a senior Legal Adviser. I will soon be posted to UN Headquarters at the UN as Israel’s Legal Adviser.

What is the most challenging part of making aliyah?

Loneliness. Being so far away from my entire family and closest friends. Financially it’s a struggle too to live on an Israeli salary. And to be married to an Israeli who doesn’t understand how hard it is to be an immigrant.

What do you do professionally?

Director of the International Law Dept., Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Soon to be Israel’s Legal Adviser to the UN in NY.

What is your advice for our students today?

Be prepared for aliyah. Line up a job in advance.
Read more about Sarah in a a feature article we did in 2014 here.

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