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We were thrilled to welcome nearly 50 grandparents who joined us in November for our annual grandparents day. Grandparents heard from faculty members Rabbi Ehrenfeld and Mr. Cooper, speaking on Chanukah and on Thanksgiving, respectively. Students from each grade then spoke on the mashup of Torah u’Mada that happens everyday here at ICJA, such as studies on biology and creation, literary analysis skills used in both Chumash and English classes and learning middot on the wrestling mat. Grandparents and their grandkids then enjoyed a Chanukah and Thanksgiving spread to treats before heading on a school tour or attending classes.

Thank you to all the grandparents who joined us, the faculty who assisted us, the students who prepared speeches and chairs: Amy Kaissar and Darryle Gillman.


That same week, we were proud to see our Dean, Rabbi Matanky, along with Mrs. Matanky, at the White House Chanukah party.


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