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In preparation for the annual ICJA Open House, the school was left wondering “how can we stand out in a sea of Zoom sessions?” With open houses across the country going remote due to the pandemic, the Ida Crown Admissions Department knew they had to “think outside the box” and come up with a creative solution to Zoom burnout while still showcasing the school in a safe way. What followed next was nothing short of ingenious, and the “Out of the Box” Open House idea was formed.

Parents were asked to sign up for the mysterious and secretive open house experience, not knowing what to expect. The Admissions Department got to work creating custom boxes that included individualized swag like an ICJA ACES basketball, a shirt with all the club names, a book by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Saks z”l, a notebook, and so much more. The boxes also contained letters written from current students, adding a personalized touch. Each item in the box corresponded with different special aspects of ICJA. Families were able to get a sneak peek at the school programming through unique QR codes that showcased the school’s Torah and Israel, General Studies, Athletics, Humanities and the Arts departments as well as Beyond the Classroom extracurricular offerings.

Suspense built up as families were given small clues the weeks building up to the event through social media about what was to come. On the day of the Open House, the energy was through the roof! The morning started off with boxed deliveries from parent and board volunteers. Prospective students were thrilled to get the personalized deliveries! The excitement was in the air and there was a huge buzz surrounding the surprise boxes. Later in the evening, prospective students and their families then joined faculty, staff, and ICJA student leaders for a live Zoom, where they watched the Admissions video, had a Q&A session with current students, and joined department chairs in breakout rooms to find out more about what makes ICJA so special.

See what our future ACES and their families had to say!

“Soooooo impressed. Bravo!!!”
“It was really fabulous and hit all the marks!”
“It was awesome! Love it! Thank you ICJA!”

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