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Students in Mrs. Yitzhak’s sophomore AJSP class culminated a unit on hilchot Shabbat by making challah in class. Read one student’s response after today’s inspiring program:

Mrs. Yitzhak is an amazing teacher, incredibly inspirational, hilarious, and she cares deeply about each and every one of her students, past and present. Recently, we have been learning about the halachot of Shabbat. We learned about זכר, עונג, שמור, and כבוד and how they all connect to Shabbat. We also learned about the different malachot you are not allowed to do on Shabbat and what are the circumstances that are allowed. One of my favorite topics we talked about in our Shabbat unit is preparing for Shabbat. It is such a mitzvah to prepare for Shabbas throughout the week. One of the biggest mitzvot a woman or man could do is doing the mitzvah of hafrashat challah. Today the fifth period class of halacha had the pleasure of making our own challah with Mrs. Yitzhak’s very own Sefardic recipe.

We all enjoyed making our challah, but the part we all took home with us today is not only our beautiful shallot. We also gained the mitzvah of hafrashot challah and davening for what we want most, including a speedy recovery for those who are sick.

I am so happy to be in Mrs. Yitzhak’s class this year. I hope we have many more days like today where we all connect to Hashem in our own ways. Thank you, Mrs. Yitzhak

~Sophomore Lauren Schwartz

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