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ICJA offers students numerous opportunities to learn Israel advocacy, both in school and as extracurricular programs. Applications are now available for Write On For Israel, a prestigious, competitive two-year program from the JUF. A core group of ICJA students have joined the program annually since its inception over a decade ago.

Senior Batsheva Stadlan wrote the following about the program, after this week’s graduation of the seniors in the cohort. Six ICJA seniors completed the two-year program that includes seminars, writing assignments, a trip to Washington, D.C. and to Israel.

Growing up in an Orthodox day school–and especially now in a high school setting–Israel has always been engraved in me as an important issue. We were taught to love Israel as Jewish people.

But I never really understood why I had a passion to advocate for Israel. Write On For Israel offers education and advocacy for high school juniors and senior across the Chicago Jewish community. The goal of Write On is to educate fellows about Israel so that they can go on to be Israel advocates in the future on college campuses. Write On for me taught me what it means to be a true Israel advocate: one who integrates both ideas from the right and left, knowing that both sides care deeply for Israel. Write On allowed me and my fellow cohort members to develop into pro Israel advocates, ready for what the future holds. And for that, we are all eternally grateful.


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