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Students in Mrs. Friedman’s and Mrs. Stopek’s ninth grade chumash classes enjoyed a hands on lesson of what it was like for the Jews in the desert to subsist on the manna. The classes heard from longtime members of the military, Art La Flamme and Bob Moore, over Skype, who described what MRE’s are like. Like the maan, the meals contain all the vitamins, calories and needs the soldiers need for subsistence. They also spoke about how meals for aid are air dropped (similar to the maan) and the challenge of dropping them in the exact correct location.

The highlight of the chat was when Moore opened up an MRE that had been sitting in his garage for eight years and ate it in order to show it wouldn’t kill him (pictured above). Students had learned about how the Manna fell, its texture and taste and its long lasting properties. The conversation with Flamme and Moore allowed for a real-world connection where freshmen recognized that even with all of today’s technology, we have still not perfected food or food drops to the extent that God did back in the Midbar!

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