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I am a graduate of Arie Crown. I am one of the two assistant producers for this year’s ICJA takes the runway, the school-wide fashion show. ICJA Takes the Runway, promotes camaraderie within the student body, helps show how school appropriate clothes can be still be fashionable, and best of all we work together to raise money for charity.

Last year over 90 girls worked on the fashion show and together we were able to raise over $3000 for Sharsheret. Sharsheret is an organization that helps support Jewish women and their families facing breast cancer. We chose to donate the money to Sharsheret, because of all the different ways they help and empower women through a very hard time.

300 people came to last year’s fashion show,  and they were all able to see the results of all of the hard work we put into the fashion show. students learn  the latest trends, which helps each student stylist reflect her own sense of style. The fashion show doesn’t only teach students about style – every student is also taught valuable life skills.

Producing the show involves researching fashion, and honing our social, organizational, and leadership skills.We learned how to promote the event to reach our target audience. Each committee plays an important role in making the fashion show happen. For example: The stylists choose the clothing and style the outfits that are modeled, the models show off those outfits, and the photographers document it all. Other girls are also able to show off their dance, singing,and fine arts skills in various other committees.

This year’s  fashion show will be on February 2nd. We will be raising money for Yad Eliezer, which is an organization in Israel that makes wedding for couples who cannot afford to pay for their own. Our fundraising goal is $5400, with this amount of money, we can pay for a complete wedding for one couple. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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