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We are so proud of Mrs. Sarah Wainkrantz, who received the ATT Hartman Family Teacher of the Year Award at last weekend’s ATT Annual Meeting. Mrs. Wainkrantz has been a beloved teacher at the Academy and at Hanna Sacks for close to three decades. Literally hundreds of women from Chicago attribute much of their Jewish growth and commitment to the foundation that Mrs. Wainkrantz provided for them.
A congratulatory post on our Facebook page generated some of the following recollections:

Aliza Fox Weinberg:
Mrs. Wainkrantz is my all-time favorite teacher. She inspired me to follow in her footsteps and become a Tanach teacher. I have used so much of what she has taught me in my classroom. But what left the greatest impact on me was her utmost love and passion for Torah. I will never forget the excitement on her face when a student would give a great answer. She would jump up, run over to her, shake her hand and say ” What a Gevaldik answer” with such love and enthusiasm. May she continue to share her tremendous gift with her students.

Leah Avner Sweet:
Just today I referred to my “pintele yid”!

Aliza Musat:
What hasn’t she taught me? And my daughters… well deserved! One of my favorite and holiest teachers

Cindy Leeb:
I was lucky enough to have Mrs. Wainkrantz as a teacher 3 times while I was at ICJA. Every year when I hear Yonah I hear her voice speaking in depth about each individual word. By far my favorite classes at ICJA. Still have all my recordings of her reviews for our tests.

Heather Chuven Andron:
One of the best teachers ever….I tell my children all the time…זריזים מקדימים למצוה I can hear Mrs. Wainkrantz singing it still. Mazel Tov!

Brie Reich:
To judge everyone “b’ asher hu sham”

Ariella Belopolsky:
I loved her units on the Akeida and Eishet Chayil. But beyond that, I will never forget the Shabbaton we had at her house. I was so inspired by her family and their special home that I decided to spend the year in Israel. I will never forget Mrs. Wainkrantz and her contagious love of Torah.

Sarina Miller:
“Ivri anochi” — that’s what Yonah responded to the sailors asking him, who are you, what’s your job, where do you come from? Mrs. Wainkrantz taught us that the first answer to the question of who you are is “I am a Jew.” Always. Out of many, many, many lessons that have stuck with me because of Mrs. Wainkrantz’s teaching expertise, there aren’t many that are more important than that. Thank you, Mrs. Wainkrantz!

Jo Bruck:
Well deserved! Not only one of the best teachers ever, an amazing woman. Who doesn’t love Mrs. Wainkrantz?!

Anna Lyze:
Virtual handshake

Rebecca Klein Singer:
She taught me how to travel Israel with a 13 month old. Mazel Tov Sarah. Awesome!!!!

Keren Bider:
One of my favorite teachers ever! Taught me much more than just Mishlei. A well deserved award.

Sara Sheffey Porush:
No one is more deserving than Mrs. Wainkrantz!

Becky Simon Starck:
She so deserves that!

Malki Needle Goldstone:
Shepping Nachas!

Zahava Klein:
My sisters and I talk about Mrs. Wainkrantz all the time, and now a third Gutstein has the zechus of being in her class. There is no one more deserving of this honor!

Helen Maryles Shankman:
Nicest lady in the world!

Ariella Zirkind
Such an amazing teacher and role model! Her passion for learning and mitzvos is hard to match and that lesson stays with students forever.

Shevy Gordon
She was always there to help me when I was having trouble!!!

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