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When opportunity knocks, best to answer it.

I am currently a freshman at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. hoping to major in Journalism & Mass Communication. I am someone passionate about journalism and had not just one, but two amazing and unique opportunities to interview two of my favorite writers/commentators for my school’s radio station: New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, and Washington Post syndicated columnist and Fox News commentator, Charles Krauthammer. Friedman was part of a panel that was on my campus this past November, while Krauthammer was part of a debate series, which also recently took place on my campus.

GWU News Literacy Project
Jackson Richman (‘ ) interviewing New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman

Located in the nation’s capital, my school is full of unique opportunities that rarely happen elsewhere. However, my desire for taking advantage of this atmosphere must be credited to what I gained at ICJA.

My passion was fueled courtesy of some of the teachers such as Ms. Goldstein, who taught the journalism class I took sophomore year. In addition, she supervised the student newspaper, The Crown Prints, which I was a part of for all my four years. Since I graduated from ICJA, I’ve e-mailed her twice thanking her for preparing me for what was to come.

In addition, ICJA gave me a purpose of what to do with my passion so that I can be a proud Jew and a journalist simultaneously. This past year, during my year in Israel, I had the opportunity to follow for the day ICJA alumnus Gil Hoffman, who is the political chief correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. People like Gil stand up for Israel even when the Jewish state is not portrayed fairly in the media. I hope that one day I can contribute in the same way.

Finally, ICJA gave me a network of friends and people with whom I still keep in touch. I would not have been able to flourish had it not been for the wonderful connections I made at the Academy.

ICJA is a once in a lifetime opportunity that has a lasting impact.

Am I glad that I answered that knock on the door? Absolutely.

By Jackson Richman, (’12)


Click on the links below to here audio from Jackson’s interviews with Thomas Friedman and Charles Krauthammer:

Thomas Friedman interview:

Charles Krauthammer interview:


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