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Preparation for the annual Ida Crown Fashion Show has begun, and it is the staff’s mission to create an aggregate of dance, choir, and clothes to promote the theme of inner beauty of the girls at ICJA.

The production, which is scheduled for  the beginning of April, is a show presented to female students, family, and friends. The students are responsible for designing the performance, showcasing their creativity and talents that are not necessarily exhibited in the classroom.

Mrs. Soffer, one of the faculty heads of the fashion show, describes the change in topic that occurred with last year’s production: “We made the switch from focusing on outer beauty to inner beauty. Of course, looking presentable and the best you can is great, but we wanted to focus on inner beauty because it sends a much better message.”

She further explains that the students this year will be walking the runway in support of certain organizations that are meaningful to them, like Chai Lifeline and Yachad. “We took the focus off of the clothes and more on the students,” she said.

Many of the decisions made for the fashion show are collaborative decisions made by Mrs. Sofer, Mrs. Tsadok, and the senior girls. One of the goals of the faculty is to allow the students to learn how to be independent and have confidence in their work, whether that be in styling or walking a runway.

Taliah Soleymani, a senior and head stylist for the fashion show, started her involvement in the program when she was a freshman and has now acquired an internship at Nordstrom. She notes that “fashion show is important because it allows the girls in the school to work together to put on a show where girls can express themselves through all different forms of art… Through this, the models get to feel empowered by both their cause and unique outfit.”

The models bring their own clothes to wear for the show. Taliah remarks that this is significant because “In today’s society we are pushed to believe that a model has a ‘certain’ look. However, in our fashion, our models all have a diverse appearance and a unique style. I think there is something powerful about that.”

Ruby Grant, a senior who will serve as one of the MCs for the production this year, explains that she joined the staff during her freshman year because it “seemed like a fun thing that all of the girls did together, kind of like how the boys have flag football. We have this event that we all get to work together on and plan.”

The main goal for fashion show is to create a feeling of togetherness for the students. “It has created a new community within the bigger ICJA community, and has also made it easier for girls in the school to get closer and create new friendships,” said Ruby.

Mrs. Sofer adds that “One of my personal objectives is to find a place for every girl to be involved.” While the fashion show is a display of physical beauty, Mrs. Sofer says its purpose involves showcasing inner beauty: “It’s not only about the outside, or the inside, and one of my goals is to really help the girls get a positive image of themselves in all aspects.”

While only the female students are permitted to partake in this event, Mrs. Sofer also expresses her support in a male substitute. She observes that “Boys always come up to us and ask why they don’t have something similar to this, but it is really the kids that make the production. If there is a serious want from the boys to do some sort of production, they should go to administration, and I’m sure we would find a way to facilitate that.”

This article was first printed in The Crown Prints student newspaper and was reposted here with permission. 

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