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Ambitious Senior Finds Well-Rounded Jewish Experience Suits Her Just Fine

We are proud to announce that senior Shoshi Bar-Meir will be attending the prestigious Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern University following graduation. The program is a seven-year BA/MD program for a select number of students. Shoshi was accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Brown as well, but has had her sights set on the Northwestern medical program since middle school. 

By eighth grade Shoshi already knew she wanted to by a doctor. At the time, her older brother was in college logging long hours to achieve the near perfect scores necessary to be accepted to medical school. When Shoshi heard of the BA/MA option at Northwestern, she figured she’d rather put forth maximum effort during high school instead. 

To qualify, ICJA teachers and administration supported Shoshi as she independently pursued extra AP courses and college courses at Truman College.  

When it came to support from the ICJA college guidance program, Shoshi admits she took a highly unusual path. “Rabbi Fliegelman was really supportive. He taught me the importance of building a personal relationship with universities so that I was not just another file for the admissions department.”

Remaining Grounded & Well Rounded

Like so many motivated ICJA students Shoshi still managed to find time to enjoy many clubs at school, including cross country, The Crown Prints, Mathletes, HOPE and Student to Student. She says it was the extracurricular opportunities, as well as art courses, that helped keep her grounded and more introspective along her academic path. She says, “I appreciate that the school has this kind of program, especially because we are a small school, and it’s hard to facilitate so many classes and clubs. That’s something I really have to applaud the school for.”  

A watercolor painting by Shoshi from advanced art
Shoshi, pictured second from right with Mathetes

Life Lessons

As she graduates, Shoshi says the most important lessons she is taking with her are values. “This school offers so much more in values. They call it a college prep school, but it’s kind of like prepping for rest of your life. Here it’s not just about AP classes and how to succeed in college, but how to act and remain secure in your beliefs. ICJA gives you a foundation for who you will be for the rest of your life. I really appreciate how it’s is built on this and at same time they offer AP prep, sports, art, clubs and more.”

Until now, Shoshi was so focused on her college dreams that she didn’t think past this point. Now sheis starting to dream bigger. “Life goes on after 12 years of school, and you have to find another dream to follow. Judaism is a never-ending path. You can always improve yourself. ICJA made me realize I want family, faith, love. I don’t want just academics. Now I’ll be able to focus on that.”

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