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Senior Tamar Dallal took senioritis procrastination to a whole new level during finals last semester when she says she took time from studying to begin writing a book of poetry. Her effort came to fruition this week when she self published her book, now available on Amazon.

Tamar began writing “little bits of poetry” in seventh grade, though she admits it wasn’t very good. But it was a beginning.

For her compilation of poetry, breathe my love, Tamar says she had a sense from the beginning of what she wanted to create and halfway through the project realized she had 75 pages of poems. At that point she figured she could keep writing and revising until she produced a book.

The poems are chronological, says Tamar. “In the beginning it’s about finding love outside of yourself. And then when that disappears for whatever reason, turning within and having to find a love for yourself and satisfaction with who you are in the world.”

While many adults don’t reach that level of sophistication, Tamar says key to her maturity is that she spends a lot of time thinking. “My sentient life started in beginning of high school. “My first year was very hard, and I channeled those emotional struggles of how alone I felt. I’m an introvert. I like being alone. I like taking walks and reading and thinking. I have a lot of time for self reflection. That leaves me to think and write down my thoughts in poetry.”

Tamar is also an artist and illustrated her poems with line drawings with watercolor.

Now that she completed the project, Tamar says she is already thinking about the next one. And she adds, “If anyone else wants to do it, I can definitely be a mentor.”

Click here to order the book.


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