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This week, following our country’s divisive election, we asked our students to reflect on the meaning of kindness. Teachers, of course, discussed the election in classes before and after this week, and students did the same among friends. But now that the election is over, it seemed appropriate to reflect on a middah that has no limit–during this week and every week. May the words of our students be a source of hope for our future, regardless of anyone’s political persuasion.

Kindness is a simple way to create happiness within others. Even something as simple as smiling and saying hello can have such a positive impact on someone. One act of kindness goes a long way. ~Adina Arnet

Kindness is when you accept that everybody deserves to feel happy and you share a little bit of your happiness with everyone else, creating an aura of joy and positivity. ~Shmuel Bergman

Kindness ultimately brings people together because making an effort to reach out to people is extremely important. Another way I define being kind is by smiling at others and simply showing them that you care for them. Another example could be going out of your way to help a friend. ~Shirelle Borochov

I went on a leadership program over the summer. The quote, “Leaders are those who compel others to positive action by the power of their own positive action,” is the main idea I have taken from my experience. I love doing chesed. Chesed makes me happy. Being kind makes me feel like I’m a good person, and that I’m helping make a difference in the world. I also feel compelled to push others to be more kind to the world. If we all push pebbles to help, what a better place we would have. ~Siva Albom

Kindness to me, means going out of my way to do something for others. Even just smiling at them in the hallway or holding the door open for them can make a person’s day. Kindness is about putting someone else’s needs before yourself. It’s just about being considerate towards others. It doesn’t matter who the person is, its not hard to be kind to someone. ~Marli Gutman

I believe that kindness can be shown in the most simple of ways. Smiling at someone you don’t know, or welcoming a new friend to sit with you at lunch. The smallest act of kindness can really make a difference in someone’s life. ~Kiki Lerer

All we can do is be there for each other and go out of our way make an extra person smile. ~Noa Okner

Being kind means that you have the capacity to put others’ needs before your own. While something may be inconvenient for you, it may be really helpful to someone else. ~Gabe Cohen

Kindness is being considerate and compassionate to those around you regardless of your differences. ~Ariella Zwelling

Kindness is respecting and supporting your fellow students and friends no matter what they believe in. ~Chana Bajtner




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