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By Anat Berday-Sacks
Wednesday evening, Academy staff, students and families gathered to celebrate the new inductees to the National Honor Society, Torah Chapter (NHS).Thirty-six ICJA seniors were inducted into this prestigious organizations. Students were required to maintain a strong GPA and earn 20 service points to be inducted. Six students made speeches about the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, character, service and leadership.

NHS students represent the nation’s most outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Six students gave speeches on these traits and also gave a d’var Torah (read the d’var Torah from Seth Wasserman). Among the speakers was Frannie Miller, who spoke on character, saying, “Character is a paradox. It is the strength and the perseverance to do what has to be done, but it is also an internal softness, an ability to remember what is really important. Even as you are petrified by decisions and responsibilities, you do not let yourself become a robot. You remember what is really important-things that aren’t just scores or letters or grades: human relationships, human communities, and human dreams. Although you spend so much time inside your mind and on your computer, you do not forget derech eretz-the way of the earth.” Read her entire speech.

Congrats to: Noah Aberman, Eliana Amrami, Gila Baer, Kaley Baker: Secretary/Treasurer, Haia Bchiri, Emma Bellows, Machol Benmelech, Anat Berday-Sacks, Noah Best, Elliot Birn, Maxwel Brasch, Revital Chavel, Benjamin Eisenstein, Danielle Eisenstein, Brandon Emalfarb, Audrey Fretzin, Nechama Goldstein, Sophia Gordon, Tamar Grey: President, Marnina Harris, Rebecca Kahn, Aaron Karesh, Penina Lis – Vice President, Mordechai Lis: Secretary/Treasurer, Abigail Lowenstein, Frances Miller, Samantha Miller: Secretary/Treasurer, Natan Oliff, Sarah Otis, Ariel Peritt, Benyamin Schreiber, Rebecca Shiner, Lauren Sorscher, Seth Wasserman, Dena Weiss and Jacob Zwelling.

Several students spoke wonderfully at the program, making this year’s event one of the strongest in many years.

Thank you to Mr. Zbaraz, Mrs. Goldstein and NHS President Tamar Grey for creating a successful event!

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